​​Mystic Aspirations

Introducing a New Look at How Aspirations Shape Our Lives: 

Into the Open: Mentoring Mystic Aspirations

A New Book By,

Michael H. Shenkman, Ph.D

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Into the Open: Mentoring Mystic Aspirations

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   Into the Open: Mentoring Mystic Aspirations    

            This highly anticipated book presents a new conception of creativity.  Shenkman reshapes many our notions about what creative people do, what their creative ways look like, how to cultivate them,  how to recognize them, and how to support them  -- in ourselves and in others. 

           In Shenkman's new model or creativity,  "aspiration," sparks, shapes and guides each person's creativity. There is no such thing as "cookie cutter" creativity, we are all creative in different ways. But in our culture, creative forms  "cluster" around four figures: leader, artist, prophet and mystic. These figures give heft and weight to creative works in the form of traditions, founders, precursors and schools.  By discerning how a person's creative ways tend toward one or more of a figuration we can better support, we can mentor a person in the life ways that his or her creativity seeks to embody and express. 

           This volume presents the creative figuration of one of those figurations, that of mystic aspirations. The book includes an account of the “genealogy,” of mystic predecessors. It provides a schema by which to envision the mystic’s “aspiring mind” resource and finally offers guidance as to a process by which to formally mentor mystic aspirations. 

           This book will be of interest to anyone interested in human creativity, in ways to recognize and support our creative colleagues and friends, and will be vital to anyone who acts as a mentor to people who aspire to creative life roles.